Broadband Line Extension Connection Program

Have residents and businesses that don’t have access to broadband? The Broadband Line Extension Connection Program application portal is now accepting applications and provides the opportunity for your community to identify unserved areas that may be eligible for a line extension grant. The Line Extension Connection Program goal is to connect residents and businesses that lack access to broadband internet service to service providers, and then assist in the expense of extending broadband to those locations. Residential and business locations that are unserved (lack access to speeds of at least 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload) can apply by entering their information into the Line Extension Connection portal. This will initiate their interest in receiving broadband internet service and make their location available for consideration. The Office of Broadband Development will evaluate these bids and required provider documentation and make awards to the providers whose bid proposes the lowest cost to the state for extension of the service. The Minnesota Broadband Line Extension Connection Program has been allocated $15 million in total funding. Limits per line extension are set by Minnesota law. These limits include a per line extension amount that cannot exceed $25,000, and the Office of Broadband Development must ensure the bid is a cost-effective use of state funds.

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