Aitkin County Revitalization Grant

Aitkin County has awarded over $45,000 in grants to area businesses in an effort to help upgrade their building aesthetics. Over $121,000 have been requested.

The purpose of this grant fund is to help support local businesses to upgrade/revitalize the outside presence of their business property in our community in an effort to drive economic growth. As business owners and members of our community, it is important that we establish and maintain an image of growth and success. The fund will help support upgrades of awnings, signage, outdoor aesthetics and general business image and appearance.

The Terrace Aitkin $2,000
Lowe Properties Aitkin $5,000
Sam’s Custom Meats Tamarack $5,000
Northland Hydraulics Service Hill City $5,000
The Locker Room Aitkin $3,000
Jaques Art Center Aitkin $1,020
Roadside Market Hill City $5,000
My Crafts & Things Aitkin $1,151
Smokey Jake’s BBQ Aitkin $1,006
Growth Innovations Aitkin $1,521
Village Pump Saloon Tamarack $4,600
Sunny’s Hill City $5,000
Ginger Marie’s Aitkin $2,000
Palisade One Stop Palisade $3,000
Hello Gorgeous Aitkin $712